Pureclipse for PureMVC/Fabrication development support

Good developer is developer who can work quick and effective. He should spend his time on creating new solutions and great algoritms, not wasting it for non-creative boring tasks. Working on many projects you can simply point out tasks you have to do again and again – these are also things you hate to do the most. Pureclipse from SlideUI is exemple of great software wich can do those tasks for you!. So, if you’re PureMVC/Fabrication fan, you play with them on every day of your coding time – this is what you need to have. Project scaffold generator, mediator/proxy/command templates (PureMVC or Fabrication style), and many more. What do you waiting for? Grab it!

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Idea X EAP

I must admit that JetBrains developing team amazes me alost every time when I’m reading their last updates form rss. Currently, IntelliJ IDEA team has almost finished work on final version of IDEA 9 ( today, 9.0.4 has been announced ), but they already started creating complete new version of this software! Version 10, of course in beta stage, seems to have a few quite stunning improvements and new features. First of all, a brand new theme and UI options fo Mac users. I’m not pretty sure, but I think this time there are no problems and lags using scrolled lists etc. – everything seems to work a little bit faster.

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